Friday, November 15, 2013

The Google Take Over of Cyberspace, Transhumanism and The Agenda

Find here the show from November 10 2013 - For our show, Out of the Box, 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, 1pm PST on Wolf Spirit Radio or subscribe to my YouTube channel KatieCosmicessence ~ Much love ~ Katie Gallanti

Here is our show Out of the Box from Nov 10th 2013 - myself Katie Gallanti and Jay Pee - talking about the recent changes implemented by Google on Youtube, the end of anonymity of the web, what Google is really all about and its links to the elite, trans-humanism trends promoted by this company, the need for an independent web, Titor and the future, grass roots mind control such as Common Purpose, and more. We continued for 30 minutes also into JayPee's show, which you can find in the wolf Spirit radio Archives, under Ever Beyond.

Some links to things talked about in the video/show:

Google/Youtube Blog about youtube changes

You Tube announcement video of changes

LAX Truther FreeRadioRevolution account muted by changes

From Buildeberg to Google-Berg

Motorola throat patch:

An overview of companies owned by Google

Transhumanists and Google : Ray Kurtzweil

Common Purpose

Common Purpose Video Promotion

Agenda 21 and the Fabian Society

Climategate -

Mass Programming: Russell Brand, Revolution Memes, Miley Cyrus

Find here the show from October  27th 2013 - Focused on Russell Brand, the left side of the New World Order, the Fabian Society, Collective Revolution Programming as well as Miley Cyrus and her role in mass mind control programming and the general purpouse of The Industry. 

For our show, Out of the Box, 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, 1pm PST on Wolf Spirit Radio, or subscribe to my YouTube channel "  ~ Much love ~ Katie Gallanti

Here is our show Out of the Box from yesterday - myself Katie Gallanti and Jay Pee - talking about Miley Cyrus, Russell Brand, the entertainment industry, mind control and the occult - in particular how stars/musicians/actors are being used to push "agendas" - and what those agendas may currently be.

Some links to things talked about in the video/show:

Miley at the VMAs

Miley Cant be Tamed Video

Miley and the video Decisions with ten million views

Other demonic trending stars - Rihanna

The closing Ceremony of Olympics

Russell Brand and the Closing ceremony of Olympics

Katy Perry - I sold my soul

Katy Perry- Candy Land and the Snoop Dogg Luciferian Figure

Snopp Dogg and his demon song -

Emminem and Possession - watch all 4 parts

John Todd on occult and the industry

Also here some photos of Russell in entertainment industry context

Front cover of new statesman and Russell's revolution piece and image

Fabian Society Illum-Connections - do your own research on this one

The Business of Revolution

Shady Presences in Occupy Movement

Could keep on going but this will do for now.

Katie :-)

Royal Birth, Star of David, Planetary Dark Forces

Find here the show from July 2013 - Focused on the Royal Birth within an astrological and occult framework along with a discussion on timelines and planetary dark forces. For our show, Out of the Box, 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, 1pm PST on Wolf Spirit Radio or subscribe to my YouTube channel KatieCosmicessence ~ Much love ~ Katie Gallanti

The Frequency Wars and Planetary Shift Dynamics

Find here the show from April 2013 - This was one of our more esoteric shows, explaining how the planetary shift works, what the frequency wars are all about, and what evolution is and why we are here. For our show, Out of the Box, 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, 1pm PST on Wolf Spirit Radio or subscribe to my YouTube channel KatieCosmicessence ~ Much love ~ Katie Gallanti

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Katie Gallanti on Truth Frequency Radio

Last night I was invited at the last minute by Chris Geo to chat with him and Sharee on Truth Frequency Radio. The show was good , we were all in the flow, link below if you want to catch up on what was said...main topics dark energy, entities, pitfalls of both new age and warrior path, dark ritual and light and dark and its role within collective evolution.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Kony 2012 Experiment

Was Jason Russel a Manchurian Candidate? (Video link)

You may want to watch the video above before reading the rest of the post, if you are not informed about Jason Russell's meltdown. When I heard of this guys breakdown, the first thing I thought was that he broke programming. Interestingly this happened during massive solar flare activity hitting hard here in San Diego, exactly around the time of this incident. There could be a connection between "systems of sub-personality alters" breaking down and increased solar energy waves, especially since we know that the new MKs are programmed less with trauma and more with harmonics.They may therefore be more vulnerable to EMF disruption.

If this is so, it is going to be increasingly difficult for the MKs to hold their programming, as we go deeper into the Solar Cycles. And we should see more people breaking out of programming or breaking down, period, as we approach the peak of galactic energy acceleration. Remember the news announcers who suddenly began talking gibberish? It may be the same phenomena, since many people who work in those kinds of positions of media are either "family" or "MKs", groomed for such purpose.

The whole Kony 2012 seems like an "op" to me... from the slick production, to the talking to you as if you are a child, to the symbolism involved... if you are used to reading the signs, there seem to be many signs that indicate that this is indeed a mass programming piece. Also in the video the techniques used to draw people in are straight out of mass mind control playbooks like OTPOR (watch the video below)...there is even at several times in the video strong emphasis on the raised fist, which is a signature of OTPOR.

OTPOR is a Serbian output of one of the three letter agencies, in charge of training people in how to create a soft coup revolution. They teach people how to overthrowing a regime without firing one single shot and with the authors of the overthrowing remaining mostly unknown. They effectively make the people of the country at hand do their dirty work.

Egypt and even the Occupy Movement have been shown to be OTPOR influenced - at the very least. And a similar blueprint was also used in Spain. The people are waking up. And therefore the PTBs are getting more creative. They are finding new ways of making us do what they want, while making us feel as if we are sticking it to the man. After all, mind games are what the PTBs does best. They know us well and they are very good at plugging into our nobility, and the using it in ways that eventually turn against us. Hence this is a time in which we need to be even more vigilant regarding where we let our emotions lead us and regarding which causes we end up joining or supporting. Do not under-estimate the clever mind games of the friendly opposition ;-)...Do not underestimate. And keep your eyes peeled.

But back to Kony 2012. At the beginning of the Kony 2012 video the narrator, Jason, the one who is now in the psych ward, tells you that the video "is an experiment". And that, for the experiment to work, you need to listen. The experiment at hand may not be exactly what we are lead to believe, though. The experiment is, as far as I see it, as follows: can they create an outcry for a war/intervention that they want, driven exclusively by social media, instead of triggering it top down or with false flags, a la 911. Can they update the problem-reaction-solution technique into a new trendy format for the digital internet age, using smooth and trendy cia owned social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube to get the job done, reversing the direction of the pyramid of control from top/down to down/up? Be very clear however: the change in direction is only applicable to the direction of the manipulation. The power locus of control remains exactly where it always was: with the hidden rulers who are pulling (or attempting to pull) your strings. 

As far as the experiment goes, seems they got their answer. The video went viral. Indeed they can mass mind us via Facebook and YouTube. Minus a second wave of people making videos about this being a conspiracy. Seems we are becoming quicker at spotting the signs. Seems they may have to account for this in their next test run.They certainly have now gained more information from the experiment to take back to the drawing board, for ops they are planning for the future and may feel more strongly about. My sense is, intuitively, that this was just a test run, to see if the new modus operandi works; and what pitfalls it may have.

So was Jason eliminated as he served his purpose? Or did something just go screwy with his programming? Is the web social engineering experiment over? We will have to see what transpires next to know....

Expect more of this mind manipulation. Expect it to be used in full force with the next chapter of the Occupy Movement. Remember that Order out of Chaos is the axiom of the PTBs. And that they don't really fear the chaos, as long as can ride it, coming out as the leaders of it, by the end. 

Pay attention, be vigilant, be prepared.

That will be all for now...

Much love xxx


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Do Not Get Distracted

Lots of conflict and who is a double agent stuff going on in the alternative news infowarrior sector right now. Personalities pitted against each other. Double gamers and gatekeepers being exposed and doing the exposing. Sometimes who points the finger is the one who did the deed. And while it is important to vet all source of information. And it is important to know who is an insider in sheep's clothing, it is also important that we do not become distracted by drama. As much of this drama is by design. The 4D forces of dark are busy pulling strings. Which is why it is important to always have a clear field, as one can become a vehicle for these forces even without knowing it.

This kind of drama is lower self food. And especially when all participate in it, it plays right into the hands of an old game of divide and conquer. An old game that is very effective, but also the downfall of any movement seeking to be effective.

So as many different varieties of "%$#@" hit the fan, remember to step up and step above. Go inside for discernment about information and the carriers of information, and leave the playground drama and the Jerry Springer-like aspect of the info-tainment behind.

Remember the real goal is to unite so at to overcome a formidable challenger, who operates mostly hidden and through manipulative mass mind means, of which this is one, as a movement divided does not go very far. Many cooks, as they say, spoil the broth. Do not allow splintering over who said what, who has or does not have an ego, who is or is not one of "them". Do not get distracted.

Extract the juice of the information, but leave the petty dramas behind. Then visualize unity of intent returning. And whatever action is eventually required. Because knowing the details of things may soon not be as important as being ready for right action. And unity of Souls over the dramas of personalities will be important at that time.

Stay energetically clear. As for Source aligned guidance. Stay focused. Be love.

Over and out